About Slope 3


 Slope 3 is a new downhill game with high difficulty that challenges every player. Experience a fast-paced downhill rolling game to test your reflexes.

 When you start participating in the game Slop 3, you will visit an extremely mysterious world with glowing cubes. Your task is to control the ball rolling downhill at lightning speed. The speed of this game will surprise you if you have never played a game like it. Don't worry because you will just need some time to get used to the speed. This also contributes to faster reflexes. Wish you can conquer this extremely difficult 3D slope!

 Your task is to sell the tower on the downhill path. Because this stretch is very small, you need to really focus to keep the ball from rolling out. Also, you need to pay attention to the pink cubes. They will make you explode if hit. So you need to avoid them. And they appear to a lot of slopes so you need to observe and react quickly. And the important thing is that you need to jump every time you reach the pit. otherwise, you will fall down the cliff immediately.


  • The game belongs to the kind genre, the downhill game that is loved by many people
  • High-speed downhill rolling ball game
  • 3D graphics with magical and beautiful cubes
  • The sound is extremely funny and dramatic
  • The gameplay is simple but mastering the speed is a difficult thing

How to play

Control your ball with arrow keys