About Run 3


 There's a whole new galaxy waiting to be discovered in the amazing Run 3! Your task is to control the alien character running in the space tunnel.

 The third game in the Run franchise, titled Run 3, was made by Joseph Cloutier. In this game, you will launch into space and jump through perilous tunnels! You embark on a risky journey through a restricted location in the gripping action game. You'll need to keep an eye on your person as he moves through the dynamic environments. Run along the wall to locate a secure way.

 There are two game modes available for Run 3: exploration mode and infinite mode. To add extra levels to your Galaxy Map, choose Explore Mode. Along the journey, runners will have the chance to meet new people and experience a variety of unique tunnels and locations.


  • Your jumps should be controlled. The longer you hold the up arrow key, the higher and farther you can jump. On platforms with a slight gap in the middle, tap the up arrow to make a tiny jump. You may be able to avoid the targeted assault using this technique.
  • Look. Observe the platforms directly in front of your character. Learn the layout of the tunnel so that you may plan your future leaps. You may use this to learn how to rotate the tunnels so that your character has lots of space to move around.

How to play

The gameplay is simple, you control the aliens to make jumps by pressing the up arrow key or the spacebar.