About Rage 2


Rage 2 is an extremely interesting action game with a stickman character. Help the stickman character use his martial arts ability to defeat all other opponents.

Your peaceful area is suddenly invaded by other idiots. You are a passerby with superpowers. You want to protect the area you live in and all those around you. So you were not afraid to activate your superhuman power to attack the other bad guys. You will have weapons or other things to support you in this unequal battle. I believe you can. You will win!

Are you ready to participate in a dangerous battle with the hero? Start now to be able to deal with the bad guys who want to harm you. You are a stick figure with a flame. Those are the ways to identify you. And a quiz is the thing that shows your supernormal ability. I believe you can help the stickman defeat all the bastards who are attacking you. That is not a difficult thing for people with superpowers.

How to play

You use the arrow keys to move the character. Use the WASD keys to launch his attacks.