About Mahjong Shanghai Dynasty


 Mahjong Shanghai Dynasty is an exciting connecting puzzle game in which you have to match the same mahjong cards to remove them. Remove all to win!

 Mahjong of the Shanghai Dynasty is one of the most famous and attractive games in China. Referring to mahjong, we immediately think of countless rectangular-shaped cards with different characters on the face. This Mahjong Shanghai Dynasty game is inspired by this traditional Chinese game.

 In this game, there are countless mahjong cards that are randomly arranged and have no rules. Your task is to match the same cards to remove them. Let's clear the playing field which is filled with mahjong cards. You have no limited time and are free to play. Complete eliminating all mahjong cards and proceed to the next levels! It's simple to play and control!

Features of Mahjong Shanghai Dynasty

  • Level up
  • Based on the mahjong game theme
  • Simple mechanics and easy controls

How to control

  • Mouse click.