About iScribble.IO


 Players that are stressed out or exhausted should use iScribble.IO. You can have fun playing this game and unwinding while battling other gamers.

 Do you feel stressed? Tired? Or perhaps you're uninterested? Although modern living offers many advantages, it also puts a heavy burden on people's shoulders. After a long day of work or studying, always makes you anxious. Let's attend this game to take advantage of the perfect entertainment setting!

iScribble.IO game is the ideal fusion of action and arcade games. You can amuse yourself while fighting. Additionally, you can choose the colors you choose for your character. It will enable you to engage in captivating combat. Play now!

 You will engage in warfare with colorful squares that have the ability to draw lines on their tails in this game. You are allowed to create boundaries any way you want. This is a fantastic method for reducing stress. You can also contend against other gamers to win. Your adversary will perish if you hit them in their path. In the event that other players drop you, the game will also end. Have fun!


  • Enjoyable arcade game
  • Multiplayer
  • Cool effects and colorful visuals
  • How to maintain
  • Move by dragging the mouse.