About Gun Brothers


 Join a fun war in Gun Brothers game now. With a gun equipped you take on the mission and start an explosive gun battle with lots of approaching opponents.

 Never before has a gunfight been so exciting. Gun Brothers game will give you a whole new shooting experience. Gun Brothers is an innovative combination of shooting, running and multiplying the number of teammates. In a world with basic colors and a single path for you to run. You have only one way nahats is to move continuously to the sides and shoot at the same time.

 In this game You are the blue hero. Your opponents are the pink names. They are crowded and coming towards you. The novelty here is that you will move backwards while your enemies move forward. you need to destroy them before they reach you and you will be an instant loser. To be able to quickly destroy the pink names, you need to multiply the number of teammates by moving to the plus number box. Pay attention to select the cells with a large number of pluses to get more teammates.

 This is an endless run so you can discover how long you can hold out. Regardless of the pink enemies approaching and you can still destroy them quickly, there is one thing you need to keep in mind that is the obstacles on the way. you will easily mistake it for some tools to support and increase combat power. It can be a constantly moving saw that is difficult to react in time and dodge. So you need to have more skills to observe and react in time to the obstacles on the track.

How to play

Move your character by holding down the left mouse button and moving side to side.