About Four In A Row


 Four In A Row is a unique puzzle board game. If you like games that need to use logical thinking, then you should start this great game right now.

 Four In A Row is part of the classic board game genre known to everyone. Because before it was made into an online game it was a popular game all over the world. Games that need to use your brain are always encouraged to play so that you can both entertain and train your brain. Four In A Row is a difficult puzzle game to conquer because its gameplay has been innovated compared to the game of checkers. You enter the column you want but cannot be placed in any position. It's hard to conquer is also a factor that makes the appeal to players of this exciting puzzle game.


  • Find a way to join the three-line horizontal and diagonal diagonals with the two gaps at the end of the horizontal line to win this game quickly. By doing this, you can draw your opponent's attention to a gap at the end of the horizontal line, making them fill it in so you can finish the diagonal and win.
  • Each turn, pay close attention to your opponent's moves to decide what to do next. For instance, block one of the sides with your color if you observe that your opponent has set up a two-man row with a space on each side. This will rapidly stop them from establishing a successful row.