About Drift F1


 Drift F1 is a game developed from the famous game Drift Boss. Start playing to experience new creations in this amazing drift racing game now!

 Do you like racing games? Drift F1 is a unique game that is sure to please all speed lovers. You will experience a special race track. Harder to conquer than regular races. Do you want to be a tycoon in this novel racing game? Start the race with formidable opponents from all over the world. To win you need to master the track and get to the finish line first.

 Your challenge in this race is that you need to overcome your rivals. There are many players to start at the same time and you need to handle the bends well to take the lead. Are you confident in your cornering ability? The bends will appear in a row in this race and you need to be really active and steer well or you will be thrown out or left behind.

 Drift F1 has many levels waiting for you to explore. Each level will have a different map. Later, the difficulty increases to challenge the talent of professional racing ears. If you can memorize the map then this won't be difficult for you. You can completely handle any challenge on the track safely.

 An exciting race and other players are waiting for you to join. Have a nice race!

How to play

Hold down the left mouse button every time you want to change the direction of the car