About Cookie Clicker City


 Cookie Clicker City is a very interesting idle clicker game! Your task is to click and create a lot of cookies then build a beautiful cookie city.

 There is a huge cookie waiting for you to mine in a barren kingdom. Do you wish to establish a nation in opposition to a lovely cookie kingdom? This is a fantastic idea, and it's pretty cool. Join the highly engaging Clicker City cookie idle clicker game to use your imagination and construct the bakeries and factories of your choice.

 You have to keep clicking. You must keep clicking in order to establish a cookie. If you make a lot of cookies, you can swap them to increase the number of cookies made during the visit. The construction of cookie city will go more quickly if you do that. Additionally, the biscuit factory needs to be upgraded and built. Machines will enable you to create more steadily and quickly. There is no longer a requirement for numerous clicks. You should keep those pointers in mind when you play this game.

 Activity Cookie Clicker City The game's development goes through five major phases. By upgrading them to the highest production level, you can construct up to 18 structures at once to grow your city. There is a ton of fun waiting for you to uncover in this game, which has about 600 upgrades and 700 milestones unlocked.