About Vex 5


 Vex.5 is an exciting adventure game. Your goal is to control a stickman to avoid dangerous traps and obstacles and look for the finish platform to level up.

 This game is the fifth installment of a Vex series. What’s new in this fifth version? 

 In this game, your mission is to control a stickman to overcome deadly obstacles and traps to look for the finish platform! Be careful! If you unexpectedly crash into them, you will die and return to the starting point. Try to jump as high as possible to climb on high walls and overcome giant leaps. Remember to check the checkpoint that you find along the way. Try your best to complete the level in the shortest time to get a gold trophy and 3 stars. 

 Unlike other versions, Vex 5 features not only 9 Acts and Vexation but also Challenge Room. A Challenge room includes 30 rooms with different degrees of difficulty. 

 Features of Vex 4:

  • Many dangerous obstacles and traps
  • 9 Acts and Vexation + Challenge room
  • Satisfying 2D graphics and lively music tunes

 How to play:

 Press “ARRWO KEYS” or ‘WASD” keys to run, jump and slide