About Vex 3


 Vex 3 is a new version of the adventure Vex game series. Your mission is to control a stickman to avoid dangerous obstacles and reach the destination.

 The Vex series comes back with a new volume, named Vex 3. As the name mentioned, this game is the third version which will help you immerse yourself in the exciting and thrilling adventures of a stickman. Have a nice time with this running action game!

 Vex 3 increases the difficulty level of each level to create more challenges for players. There are various fatal obstacles and barriers such as sharp thorns, grinders, or spiked wheels. Your objective is to overcome all these challenges to reach the finish line safely. In addition, you have to face various terrains from land to sea. You also overcome tall walls. Let's press or down to let go of the wall. While swimming, you move in the direction you're racing. Note that you have limited breath. Hurry!

 Features of Vex 3

  • Thrilling and fascinating running action and adventure game
  • New challenges in each level
  • Various terrains and obstacles

 How to control

  • Up arrow key to jump
  • Down arrow key to roll down
  • Right arrow key to go straight
  • Left arrow key to go back