Time Shooter 3: Swat


 Time Shooter 3: Swat is a fascinating shooting action game. Your mission is to control a guy to eliminate all terrorists and rescue victims using guns.

 Time is an immutable thing, no one can affect it. However, this game brings you an opportunity to stop time anytime. Time only passes when you move.

 There are many victims caught by terrorists and they need your help. Let's become a hero in this game to defeat your opponents and protect victims from dangers. You need to collect weapons from anywhere in the buildings. Each weapon has unique features. Use suitable guns in each situation. Use weapons to shoot down your enemies before you are killed. You have 3 times to revive.

 This game has various levels with unique challenges. Let's press the start button, show your shooting skills and conquer this game!

 Features of Time Shooter 3: Swat

  • Various levels with many challenges
  • Many different weapons
  • Rescue all victims
  • Superpower to stop time

 How to control

  • Left Mouse Button - Pick up / Shoot
  • Right Mouse Button - Throw 
  • WASD - Movement 
  • F - Pick up / throw the shield