About Stickman Team Force 2


 Stickman Team Force 2 is an addictive shooting game published by Kiz10.com. Your mission is to eliminate all opponents while cooperating with your team.

 This game is the second version of the Stickman Team Force series. This version was published in July 2021 by Kiz10.com. This second version takes you to the land of the Pyramids where there are mysteries. The pyramids served as tombs for Pharaohs and queens during the Old and Middle Kingdom periods. This place hides many mysteries. We do not know how these pyramids were built. The mummies inside the pyramids have also not been discovered. This game is inspired by that.

 The mummies come to life. They are constantly attacking you. Besides, the strange stickman always wants to destroy you. Live or die? That depends on your fighting intentions. Use your weapon to destroy all enemies. However, the number of opponents is huge. You cannot fight them alone. Let's fight with your team. Fight the mummies with all your might. Show your brave fighting ability. Have a nice time!

 Objectives of this game

 Your task is to control the character to shoot the enemies. You can move and shoot at the same time to ensure safety. The mummies can attack you. So, make sure they don't touch you. If you die, you can continue to control another character on the same team. You will win if all enemies are destroyed. If your team dies before the enemies, you lose. The game has many different levels. The difficulty of the game will increase gradually.

 After winning, you will receive a statistics table with stats such as kill enemies, bonus gold, and total gold.

 Main Characters of Stickman Team Force 2

 Moreover, you can change your character. Press the C key to perform this operation. There are 3 characters: Jacky, Jim, and Joe. Jacky is a team leader with skillful leadership ability. Jim is a sniper with powerful shots. Joe is a brave soldier with a big gun.

 How to control

  • Use arrow keys to move.
  • Use the C key to change hero.
  • Use the Z key to attack.
  • Use the X key for special.