About Stickman Street Fighting 3D


 Stickman Street Fighting 3D is an exciting stickman fighting game. In this game, you will transform into a stickman to collect weapons and fight on the street.

 Are you ready for intense street fights? Are you belligerent? Are you a guy who is always ready to fight when meeting the enemy? Coming to this game, you have the opportunity to become a real fighter. You will become a stickman to fight with a lot of different enemies such as Simple Red, Golden, Red Glasses. Note that each opponent has different damage and endurance. Along the way, there are many different weapons, such as swords, guns, saws, hammers, etc. Let's collect them and fight!

 This game has attractive gameplay, colorful graphics, and great effects. Come to this game and enjoy!

Features of Stickman Street Fighting 3D

  • Intriguing fighting battle on the street
  • Various weapons and opponents
  • Attractive gameplay, colorful graphics, and great effects

How to control

  • Q to open the menu
  • X to kick
  • Z to punch
  • C to dodge
  • Spacebar to jump
  • Arrow keys to move