Stickman Archer Adventure


Stickman Archer Adventure is an intriguing action game. In this game, your objective is to use a bow to shoot and rescue stickmen hanging in the air.

Welcome to the action game based on the shooting theme! In this game, you have a chance to become a stickman archer to rescue his friends.

 The stickman village was always peaceful and happy until the bad invaders came and killed the innocent villagers. When you return to the village, there are no survivors. The enemy even hung stickmen on pillars in the air. You can't let your relatives and friends hang on it. You decide to rescue them before going for revenge.

 Your task is to use the bow and arrow to shoot down the hanging ropes and rescue the other stickmen. Remember to collect stars to get higher scores.

 The game has many levels. Each level gives you a limited number of arrows and a different number of stickmen to rescue, so aim and shoot accurately. 

 Features of Stickman Archer Adventure

  • The thrilling and exciting action game
  • Various levels with different stickmen
  • Collect stars

 How to control

  • Press and hold the left mouse button to aim
  • Release to shoot